Here’s where it begins

This is my first blog post. I wondered what I would write about and of course even searched examples of “great 1st blog post”. It suggested that I should write telling people what my blog will be about and why they should read it. That seems redundant, as that’s what’s in my “about” page. But I guess I’ll follow the rules and add a little to it.

I feel like this blog can appeal to anybody. Although the thought has crossed my mind that maybe its all too much. I mean a blog about, healthy living, natural hair, nerdy interest, and motherhood ( which I’m just grouping family life in general into) is A LOT. But these are all the things that make up me, so I couldn’t choose just one thing to focus on. If you’re just here for one aspect maybe another we grasp your eye, and who knows you may find that you had interest that you didn’t even think you had.

That’s how it happened for me. I didn’t even know that I liked the things I liked, until I got with my husband. Before I met him my entertainment sources where limited to Disney movies and romantic comedies. That’s what I had been exposed to and what I thought I should like. I have cousins that were into, what I then considered “that weird stuff”, and now that’s me. As far as being healthy,that became apart of my life early in college. I’ve been overweight since childhood; back then they said it was just baby fat and I would grow out of it. Well, I didn’t. Almost every adult in my family is also obese and has some disease linked to it, being hypertension, diabetes, or both. I had a cousin that even died from diabetes in her early 20s. I did not want that to be me and I became the annoying person that tells everybody if they eat this or that they will get cancer or have a heart attack and die. Nobody likes that person, so I’ve just decided to live by example rather than shoving it down peoples throats.

I not going to continue to ramble on and on about each topic of my blog, I hope you’ll continue following, and reading to discover the rest for yourself.

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