My Kind of Nerd

Many people hate8795626821_9c50fb2de2_o the kind of nerd I am. I did not grow up reading comics and don’t know all the details,and the issue, of every comic, that every character has appeared. I developed my love of superheros, anime, and other nerdy interest late in life. I guess you could say that I am a late bloomer. I’d love to go back a re-read all the major comics and manga, but my time is limited. I can honestly say that although I’d like to take up reading comic books and manga it’s just not realistic for my daily schedule. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like these things any less. I just have to accept the fact that I’ll never be as knowledgeable as some one who has grown up around these things. I know what I know based on the movies and anime that I watch now and constant research online. Some would argue that I’m not a real fan and that I am cheating. It is what it is. I still like what I like.

That’s not to say that there aren’t certain things that I am not a “expert” on. I’d say I’m VERY well versed in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings because I read and saw the movies for these series many times. These are titles that I read as a child. Since Harry Potter was created during my childhood I read them as they were published. My mother stood in lines to get the books as birthday and Christmas presents. I ordered movie tickets online to ensure that they weren’t sold out. I read each book currently out in the series upon the release of a new title. Even as an adult I’ll read and watch the entire book and movie series within a week, just to find something I may have missed in the past decade and a half. As far as LOTRs, I of course did not read the books when they came out, my parents weren’t even born when they were originally published. I also did not watch the movies originally. Aside from Harry Potter I didn’t really enjoy the fantasy genre until I was an adult. I’m not sure what attracted me to Harry Potter as a child but it was not only “nerdy” interest I had growing up. Even still the original works for these series aren’t on going. Harry Potter has 7 books and 8 movies. Lord of The Rings has 4 books, and 6 movies if you included the Hobbit series. These are numbers I can work with and revisit. Although I am fully aware that there are other movies and books written about these series. Its more manageable than the literally millions of comics and manga I would have to read to be as well versed as I’d like to be. Even with Star Wars there are so many comics, books, and cartoons outside of the movie trilogies that I can’t even being to touch the surface of the details within this franchise.

My sort comings are one of the reasons I started the blog. Help me know all that I need to know. Comment, critique, and advice me of your ways. The more knowledge I have the stronger I can be. I love to engage in arguments and discussions, but find myself unable to because of my lack of knowledge in many areas. Sometimes I get off on the fact that I am black and female to people are amazed that I know the little I do know so I can get by mostly on that. Plus, within the general public I do know more than the average bear. But within the “nerdy community” I am a newbie and many hate the kind of nerd that I am.

12 thoughts on “My Kind of Nerd

  1. I will never understand why people get so territorial of being nerdy/geeky, or act like because someone doesn’t know every single thing there is to know that they are somehow less of a nerd. Just seems ridiculous in my eyes. Anyone who is passionate about a specific fandom (or many fandoms), or who wants to expand their nerdy knowledge is a nerd in my eyes. And that is nothing to look down on ❤


    • I don’t undestand it either. But I wanted just put it out there before I get people trying to shoot my thoughts and opinions downs. I appreciate your support and open minded views. I am more than willing to be educated by someone who knows more but I also want to be respected.

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  2. Hiya, this post really got me thinking; in fact, I wrote a response to it on my own blog. 🙂

    I hope you’ll have a lot of fun exploring comics and love yourself – you’re a perfectly fine nerd in my book!



    • Thank you for the support. Most people have surprisingly responded positively much like yourself. I don’t coms across negativity THAT often but it has come up or I’ve seen comments about the topic in other forums. Once again thank you.

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  3. I’m actually 100% in the same boat as you – and your post has really resonated with me. I developed most of my nerdy loves later in life and although I’ve not had anyone be a jerk about it, but I am always worried someone will be. I created my blog as kind of a way of documenting my way through the nerdy and discovering new fandoms 🙂


    • My post was more or less about my fear about it as well. I haven’t personally experienced it online, people have thrown in my face in debates so now that I’m a blogger I hope I don’t get harrassed about it. Posting this has helped me see that most people are positive so its like a breath of fresh air to get this support and motivates me to keep it going.

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  4. There’s such a wide variety of things to be nerdy about or geek over that no one can know it all anyway!

    So like what you like, enjoy and learn more about what you like, and don’t feel guilty about the rest.

    It helps to admit what you don’t know, plenty of people will be happy to share their passion with you, imo. For example, I know very little about most anime and I relied on other peoples’ recommendations in order to watch the few series I did. Only after watching a bit, could I start to form opinions about what I liked in an anime and what I didn’t.

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  5. Just because someone has memorized a bunch of facts does not make them more of a fan than you. Just because you didn’t follow something from the beginning doesn’t mean you like it any less than the ones who “liked it before it was cool.” I am definitely an advocate of being a nerd of any kind, and I have plenty of nerdy friends who have different interests. It’s fun because we can share our likes, and the other person is totally interested in listening to what you have to say. I definitely agree with what you have to say!


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