Natural Hair Product Wish List

These are just a few products that I think will be beneficial for my hair. Some of them are items that I’ve been aware of but just never tried because of availability and/or price. Others are things that I recently been introduced to. I look forward to actually purchasing them, trying them out, and sharing my experience in the future.

  1. Kinky Curly Line (especially the Kinky Curly Custard)

    I’ve known people that swear by these products. The two main items I hear about the most are the “Knot Today” leave in conditioner, and the Kinky Curly Custard. I typically try not to by into marketing of “black natural hair” product. I by items that are affordable and don’t have harsh ingredients. The only actual beauty brand products a buy are shampoo, conditioner, and sometime of curl cream. Everything else I make with a mixture of ingredients. Natural hair products are more accessible now than every before. So, I may try to catch a sale and get me some.

  2. SLAPS Satin-Lined Cap

    This is seems like a must have item for any naturalista. I can wear it stand alone for a stylish look or under other hats to protect my hair from damage. It will also keep my hair an styles protected at night.

  3. Satin Pillow Case

    This is not some brand new invention that has been hidden from me all these years. I just have to remember to pick one up the next time I’m in a department store. I need this for nights when I just plop myself in bed without doing any of my nightly routines. At least I can reduce damage from friction with the fabric fibers.

  4. Flexi Rods and/ or Perm Rods

    I used thick flexi rods when my hair was relaxed, but its been years, and I know the results will be different. I’ve seen results from both that look good. Just like the satin pillow case its another item I just have to snag the next time I hit the beauty supply store. I will have to get A LOT because I have a bunch of thick hair. I know plenty of naturals say this, but mine is on another level.

  5. Straightening Brush

    I’m not super enthusiastic about getting one of these. But I am slightly interested. I imagine the results will be similar to the original InStyler. I was never able to just use it on wet, damp, or tangled hair and get a sleek look. I did use it on my hair after it was straightened professionally to do touch ups if my hair got puffy, and I liked those results better than a flat iron. I probably won’t buy this, but if I now someone that has one, maybe I’ll borrow theirs.

  6. Hooded Dryer

    This is a product that a disparately want and need. I am an advocate of putting as little heat on my hair as possibly. But when I want to do a twist, braid, or roller set, I would like the option to do it one morning or evening and be ready to go. Versus having to do it 2 days in advance, or partially blow drying my hair for it to be dried within one evening. Once again the thickness of my hair is out of this world so on night of air drying is never enough no matter how early in the evening I do it. I’ve considered getting a smaller bonnet dryer, but have heard mixed reviews. I may still try it out over a large hooded dryer.

These are some products that I’ll be getting in the near future. Please share your thoughts if you have experience with any of these.


22 thoughts on “Natural Hair Product Wish List

  1. I never tried anything from the Kinky Curly line. I figured it was like Miss Jessie leave in conditioner which was like gel and did nothing good for my hair. As of now, I only use 4 things together when I want to wear my hair out when not wearing braids. And I’ve seen different Youtube videos about hair steamers. I’ve watched Mo knows hair, NapturalNicole and Nikkimae2003 hair steamer videos. I may try a steamer one day.

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  2. I need to get my hands on a SLAP asap. I run across advertisements of it often. I had a custom satin pillow case made by a good friend who sews scarves and pillow cases and I love it! I started to see a major difference in my hair once I began sleeping on a satin pillow case.


  3. I’ve never heard of the slaps satin caps! I need to google that!! I am a wild sleeper and NOTHING stays on my head! 😏


  4. I just wanted to say thank you for following my post.

    Also, I’ve been wanting to get a satin lined cap for a while but I live in Miami lol I don’t see a need. I need to start wrapping my hair in satin at night. I normally just leave it out and deal with it in the morning.
    All good things in time lol I really do like this post. All your posts that I have seen are great.


  5. Hey! Do try the satin pillowcase, it Is awesome for helping keep moisture in your hair. Also, the hooded dryer is good for deep conditioning but I found it dries my hair; so I opted for a steamer instead. The steamer helps much better since I have low porous hair.


    • I’ve seen a lot of people that use a steamer and I’ve been thinking about that option as well. And have purchased a say I’m pillow case for myself, husband, and son. We are a curly hair fam and it has done wonders for us all.


      • Yes, I swear by my steamer! Best investment in my natural hair journey….if you decide to purchase go for a professional rolling one cause the hood is big enough to fit your entire head versus the mini table steamers. Yay satin pillow case gang! 🙂


  6. Yes, I swear by my steamer! Best investment in my natural hair journey….if you decide to purchase go for a professional rolling one cause the hood is big enough to fit your entire head versus the mini table steamers. Yay satin pillow case gang! 🙂


  7. I’m super scared of the straightening brush . I know I get flat iron crazy which is why I’m stuck with no heat now lol love the product list


    • I don’t do heated styles much. I just want the best product for when I do decide to straighten my hair. Flat ironing isn’t the best for me, probably because I’m impatient and don’t want to do all those small sections to make it look nice and sleek.


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