7 Benefits of A.M. Workouts

morningSince the New Year, I got the crazy idea to start working out in the morning. I always avoided it before, because I need my precious sleep. But I’d always end up too tired or overwhelmed to exercise in the evenings. I thought I’d lead workouts after work, but those have been a flop this year. So I finally decided to stop making excuses and get my workouts done in the mornings. These are the reasons I’m loving it.

1. It gets me pumped!

Exercising in the morning has been so rejuvenating. Rather than tire me out for the rest of the day, it gives me energy. Exercise releases endorphins, those chemicals put me in a good mood and gets me ready to concur anything that comes my way.

2. I have to be organized

Because I am waking up an hour early to workout if forces me to organize the rest of my day so that everything doesn’t fall apart. I pick out my clothes, make lunches, clean, prepare lesson plans, and etc. I do all this to make up for waking up an extra hour. I usually make up more than that and I am more on point than ever before.

3. I actually get MORE sleep

Yes, you read that right, waking up an hour earlier actually allows me to get more sleep. Because I am preparing to wake up earlier I deliberately go to sleep in order to get my 8 hours in. Sometimes I still fall short, but its much better. Before, I would stay up on social media until 1, 2, or sometimes 3 in the morning. My sleeping schedule was HORRIBLE. Before I was working out I’d pass out shortly after I put my son to bed at 8, wake up again at about 11 and then be up until 4 in the morning, no wonder I had no energy to exercise, much less anything else. I was miserably just getting by during the day. Now I am well rested and energized through the day and fail asleep soundly somewhere in between 9-11, then wake up ready for my next workout.

4. I drink more water

Drinking water has always been a struggle of mine. Even if I was eating healthy I would not drink water. I could go an entire day without drinking anything but coffee. Before I workout I drink a big glass of water, I drink another during the workout, and another after. That’s half of the water I need for the day. It does make me have to rush to the bathroom right as I clock in. After that if I get just 1-2 bottles in at work and 1-2 at home with dinner, I’m good for the day.

5. I get creative

What exactly am I doing at 5 in the morning? RightΒ now I’ve been alternating between doing Beachbody Cize workouts and Insanity. The Cize day is like the fun workout, and Insanity puts me in beastmode. I do the videos Monday-Friday, Saturday is a wild card day for a free community class or playing with my son, and Sunday is a rest day, I might do some yoga if I feeling up to it.Β  I also have a fitness room at my apartment that I could use. I have saved tons of circuits and workouts from Pinterest that will acutally be put to use now. The sky is the limit, but I have a chance to actually get creative and independently try new things without being worried about the other people around me are doing or thinking.

6. I have “me time”

I absolutely love my husband and son. I love my job. But these morning workouts I have all to myself. Its just me and the living room space. Sometimes I lose myself in the workout, I don’t even realize I’m exercising because I can hear all the thoughts that I don’t hear during the business of the day.

7. I eat healthier

Doing my workouts in the morning sets me up for healthier eating throughout the day. I’m already motivated and don’t want to undo my progress. So many times before, I’d put the workout I intended to do in MyFitnessPal and the never do it. Now I already have it covered, so I know not the overindulge. Plus, I still have the opportunity to do a little extra if I want at the end of the day. Although I still have issues with extra snacking, at least I’m motivated to plan better meals, because of my exercise routine.

I hope I keep this up and don’t fall off, because it has been really beneficial for me all around. My husband has even noticed. He says I seem happier and not so exhausted and defeated when I get home from work. He even claims he can tell a difference in my body, but I never believe him when he says that, because he says it even when I know I’ve put on 10 pounds. You can’t beat these results though. My ultimate goal is to lose weight, but all the other improvements are great as well. I waiting a month before I weigh myself. Even if I don’t like what the numbers says, sometimes there’s more to it that just losing weight. I’m just trying my best to be healthy, hoping that everything will fall into place. Making exercise a MANDATORY part of my schedule is my first step.

38 thoughts on “7 Benefits of A.M. Workouts

  1. This is a great post. I really enjoyed it. You have a lot of fun tips in it. I have the Cize workout, I love it!! I have just started doing Yoga, it’s great!! Thanks for your insight. Have a good weekend.


  2. I usually work out in the A.M. on the weekends. To keep my body moving throughout the day, I stretch and do some yoga, maybe, and then I spend 30 minutes of my lunch break from work at the gym on weekdays. I did workout in the A.M. during the summer habitually… maybe I’ll get back to it, lol. Great post!


  3. hmmm once baby is a bit older and I’m not sleep deprived and we’re on a good routine, I’m going to TRY to workout in the morning too πŸ™‚ I also know what you mean about water…. I don’t drink a lot of it either…. 😦


  4. Yes! I agree a gozillion percent! I love my morning workouts, gets me started for the whole day and helps me fall asleep at night!


  5. Thanks for sharing this. For years my routine was to work out in the morning before starting my day. It made me feel energized and in a better mood for the day. For the last two years I changed to an evening routine due to circumstances. Let’s just say I miss my mornings. πŸ™‚


  6. Such an inspirational post! I need to get on my workouts. When I use to run a lot I always enjoyed running in the morning. It’s so beautiful and the air smells different. Eating healthier, drinking more water, and getting creative are the benefits I’d really enjoy from exercising again!


  7. I miss working out in the morning! It really is great isn’t it, especially that spacious ‘me time’ feeling. Can’t wait to get back into it once the little ones are a bit bigger πŸ™‚


  8. I’ve just started trying to go for a run in the morning, but it’s not easy when it’s still dark. My little one is also not a great sleeper still, so I always have to drag myself out.
    I love the me time too πŸ™‚
    Great article, thanks for sharing – Bron


  9. I loved this post and I’m so glad I found it! I’m very new to working out after having my 2nd daughter. It’s been tricky finding a routine and pattern that I want to stick with, but i’m def. going to try early mornings now. Also do you have a favorite trainer that you follow and get tips from?


  10. I wish I was able to wake up earlier to work out but I’m not a morning person at all, which makes it difficult. I’m too lazy to get out of bed, even if I plan it I know I will fail. You’re amazing for doing that.


  11. Great post! I completely agree with so many of your points, working out in the mornings is the best for me. Some mornings climbing out of bed is the hardest part but what a great feeling it is to have your workout over before most people are even out of bed!


  12. I agree with you on all points! The only downside is that I can’t exert myself as much when I just got out of bed. The best time for me is some time after breakfast and before lunch, but it’s not easy to squeeze it in as I have a busy household. And, I just started a new program, it’s Physique 57, I love it, but since the workouts are one hour long, I definitely have to do it before everyone gets up.


  13. I agree with all of your points completely! Some of these I hadn’t even thought of. Working out in the morning is definitely the best


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