Mommy & Son Dates

My son and I go on dates more often than me and my husband. Its typically a weekend thing, either Saturday or Sunday. I try to make time for him because I know during the week I am very busy, and I sometimes have a short temper . I fuss every morning trying to get out the door to get him to daycare and then myself to work on time. The evenings are not much better. ย Its kind of my way of saying, “I’m sorry for being so crazy all week, please don’t hate me.”

Our usual dates consist of getting something to eat. His favorite is McDonald’s, mine and Chipotle, so we alternate. We get free chocolate at Godiva. I get a truffle of the month for free, and/or they usually have some samples available. We might walk around the mall and window shop, and then we go to the indoor play area. There are two in our mall. One is for y20160828_142119ounger babies and toddlers, the other is for bigger kids. At our last visit I discovered he is almost at the height limit for the “little kids” play area. Sometimes we make a stop to the toys store and he gets to pick something out, and we walk to the gourmet popcorn shop nearby and eat samples. We might get daddy some snickers or bacon cheddar popcorn since he didn’t get to have all the fun. ย When to weather warms up we will go to an outdoor regular park. And my idea is once he shows that he is consistently pooping in the potty and making it through the night dry, I might dish out some monies and take him to the science museum right up the road from us as a reward. When he gets older I imagine we will go to the movies and other activities that can’t happen right now while he is a rambunctious toddler.

I try to make this time, because I want him to know that I care even though I can be tough. I remember when I first returned to work after having him and my husband was a stay a home dad, he acted like he didn’t know who I was everyday. My husband started to encourage these outings. He said that he cherished the time that he spent with his mom going shopping and running errands. I only hope that I can create some worthwhile memories and he doesn’t just see me as some drill Sargent, dominating mother. He and his daddy are best buds. They play all the time. Sometimes I question whether he likes me. But, I know he loves AND likes me because of the way he treats me. He plays hard to get, but at the end of the day if he get hurt or feels bad he comes to get some loving from mommy. ย I will continue to think of ways to create memories with my very first baby.

What are some ideas from parents out there they do with their kids for fun?

28 thoughts on “Mommy & Son Dates

  1. This is awesome to read. I miss those times! My baby is 19 now (and had, and has the curls your son has) Great times. For us when life was getting too much and too long in the car, our place was the beach. He still goes there on his own to take pictures, stare at the water, play the guitar


  2. I have dates with my oldest little fella (the baby is a little young yet). I love it. Absolutely love it. We usually go to a movie. We are a family that enjoys to watch movies, it’s kind of our thing. So this is something he also enjoys. The movies are always his choice and we get whatever snacks he wants. Sometimes some shopping is done after. That simple date puts him in hog-heaven.


  3. Your son is the cutest! Such a darling photo. My daughter is just 3 months old… we have lots of fun together. Reading, cooing, eye-gazing. She likes to listen to my voice and watch my mouth as I talk. It’s very easy having fun with her because she’s such a happy baby! I am relishing these moments because I know they will pass by far too quickly ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Your son is absolutely adorable! Mine just started walking so I like to take him to the park and playground, and he loves going out to lunch with me. We also got a membership to a children’s museum by our house and he loves to run around in there. And we go to the zoo pretty frequently. It sounds like you do a great job of making special time for you and your little man and he will love all the memories with you ๐Ÿ˜Š


  5. My kids love going to the park to play with other kids. My daughter just now got into skating so she is on the go always…lol They also like to travel different places, go to museums, aquariums, the Zoo, movies, and arcades.


  6. I love your post! I’m a first time mom to a 5 month old girl. We do errands and play together at home. I can’t wait till she’s bigger and we can really go places and do things. My godson is older though, and has enjoyed going to the lake and getting in a rental kayak.


  7. I did a mother son double date last night with friends! We did Outback and a free movie at our local science center. It was super fun for all! I salute you and your efforts to mother a son! Solidarity sister! Thanks also for following my blog recently. Love, Jenn Cook


  8. Great Post! I think most toddlers are like that… my daughter sticks to her dad too, but as soon as she is hurt or feeling unhappy she will run to me for comfort and love, so I cherish those moments. I think that means we are their number one love and they trust us to take care of them… That’s my opinion.


  9. Your son is so adorable!! I love this post! I do the same thing. I want my son to know I love him even when I’m tough on him. You have a great approach to parenting!


  10. I’m not a parent, but still loved reading your post. I think you have great approach. My parents used to build fortresses with us, or take us for hikes or bouldering (before it started to be so popular) You could check if there is a bouldering gym in your area. It’s really good fun!


  11. IDK I have no ideas, I need to take after you a little and do some mother-son dates of my own. I can tell my son misses spending time with me at 10 years old he doesn’t want to admit it, but this would be good for us both. Keep up the good work!


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