First 2017 Weigh-In

The scale and I have a love hate relationship. Really, its just a hate relationship. Weighing myself is typically never a good thing. If I’ve gained or not lost as much weight as I think I should, I get discouraged and start thinking it doesn’t matter. I think I’m just destined to be overweight and go back to eating whatever I want and quit working out. If I have lost a significant amount of weight I end up loosening up too much. I think I just lost 10 pounds I can afford to treat myself, and I never stop. So since I started working out consistently and eating primarily plant based ย in January, I had not weighed myself. I decided I would weigh myself at least every month. I can adjust my diet and/or exercise if I need to but it not like doing it weekly which causes me to obsess over the numbers every weigh-in. So here’s what happened for the first weigh in of the year.

I lost weight! Yay…..but it was only a pound. I was shocked to see that I only lost a pound. I felt like it should’ve been

Progress photo {before (right)-after (left)}

much more than that. I thought I could see a difference in my body, and I surely can feel a difference in how my clothes fit. I was thinking it would be at least 5 pounds. As a physical and health education teacher, I know the “muscle weighs more than fat” deal. But I did not think that my exercise regimen would cause that much muscle gain. I only do crossfit once a weekย on Saturdays. During the week I alternate between beachbody’s Cize and Insanity. I know insanity is intense, but its all with only my body weight, no heavy lifting, which is what I believed to cause the bulk up, gain weight effect. I may go to other ways of measuring my success, like monthly measurements and pictures.

I am staying positive and I am going to celebrate (mentally not with food) my pound of weight loss. At the end of the day I feel better and the numbers are going in the right direction, even if it is at a slower rate than I’d like.

33 thoughts on “First 2017 Weigh-In

  1. Sounds like you’ve a good head on your shoulders. Don’t rely solely on the scale for your success. You’re a health nut, and I’m sure you realize that eating healthy is more important than “looking” slim and fit and all of that. You look great. Keep doing what you are doing with your diet, it is going to keep helping you. Maybe, if you don’t want to gain muscle mass, you can spend more time stretching and/or doing yoga. Can’t hurt to give it a try. Best of luck to you. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Thank. I’m not opposed to gaining muscle mass, I just want to make sure thus progress isn’t all in my head and I shouldn’t be doing something differently. That’s why I’ll move to measurements vs weight. Thanks for the advice.


  3. Measurements vs weight is the way to think about it. When I lost a bunch of weight, it is how my pants fit which was the measure of progress for me. That, and feeling better.
    Good luck on your journey!


  4. Hi! I really enjoyed reading, and you’ve got a great mentality..that’s most important! We put so much faith into the scale, that when it shows as a number that is surprising or not but we were expecting it can really make or break us. You look great! Keep doing what you’re doing, oftentimes the scale will not be an accurate representation of what is actually happening to your body, i.e muscle, etc. I wish you all the best on your journey!


  5. You look great, but it doesn’t matter as much as how you feel! If you feel better and have more energy and are staying positive that’s the most important thing. Scales are soooooo overrated. I’ve also moved to a plant based diet and although my weight hasn’t changed but a lb or 2 I feel so much healthier. Good for you!


  6. Dumb scale! Smart to go at it another way. You k now your body and you know how you feel. You are more toned and that is a gain of weight instead of loss so it probably balanced out.
    It will come, but I can tell you have not given up ^_^


  7. Congrats on heading in the right direction! I never bother to weigh myself on the scale anymore, especially after giving birth. I can’t seem to go back to pre-pregnancy body..

    I also read your page on nerdom and anime. I feel like we could be good friends. I don’t think there are any anime with an accurate depiction of African-American characters though. Have you found any?


  8. You thought of yoga or exercises that brings the heart rate up, with protein drinks awhile eating healthy, not less but more smaller meals during the day, I know that helps people sometimes.
    I never believe those adds on TV, because it all on people body types on how they are.
    Like me I never gain weight on what I ate, but now I do need to watch what I eat, like fatty foods, cheeses, greasy foods, and fast foods mostly what I been told by my doctor over 9 months ago and watch out for my eating habits. I also don’t work out, just work as a Dish Washer for over 16 years, and during stuff around the house.


  9. Are you me!?!? I’ve restarted 21 day fix this week but with an infant, toddler and full time job I have zero energy to do the exercises.

    Do you like cize?? Maybe I can get down with that if it’s less of a chore. Mama is tired!


      • You are beautifully proportioned btw. I like 21DF but Autumn gets annoying after a while lol. I think having a more fun workout would give me more motivation. I’m not committed enough to get on demand yet. Maybe once the babe starts sleeping through the night


      • Thank you so much. And I wasn’t even thinking about working out (lies, I thought about it just didn’t do it) while trying to get my son to sleepy through the night. Your steps ahead of where I was at this point of new motherhood.

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  10. You have such a great attitude! Just because the scale says one thing, your clothes, self perception & visual appraisal tell you something else. I find you hugely motivating, proud of you & hope you can keep up the great work xoxox


  11. I know where your coming I have a hate relationship with the scale also. But his time around I’m not using the scale I’m going to base my weight lost off of inches. The way my clothes fit and other things. But way to go on your 1 lbs. celebrate girl I totally get where your coming from. Good luck on your journey love.


  12. Doesn’t matter if its slow as long as its moving. I think you’re right about measuring and I can TOTALLY see a difference in your before and after, especially in your hips. I think you look great either way but as long as you feel better, thats what counts! Keep up the good work!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. I think you look great! But, I would take your measurements. I started using a workout video and eating better, and just now realized I needed to take my measurements. I have read that is more effective than getting on the scale. I also get discouraged when I do not see those numbers move! Good luck!


  14. First of all, I want to thank you for following my blog. Thank you!

    Secondly, losing weight is hard!! Kudos to you for having the strength to do it. I’ve struggled with keeping my own weight down… Sometimes I get so obsessed with exercise, and I work so hard, just to see little to no result. It takes a long period of time to see results, apparently. And the whole time you have to work hard, both with exercise and eating healthy, which can be very difficult for someone as mentally weak to tasty food as I am!

    After reading this post you made, I feel like giving it another go. Motivation can be contagious, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚


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