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M&RT1i 018 Hi, I’m Monique, and thank you for visiting my blog! I have a variety of hobbies and interests that have, over the years, shaped the person I am now. Living a happy healthy life is important to most. I hope that you can find practical advice about fitness, nutrition, natural hair care, nerd and geek entertainment, and juggling family and work life. Obviously, I have a lot to say. As I attempt to accomplish my dreams and goals I hope to help others along the way.

I grew up in Eastern North Carolina. While in high school I met my husband and shortly after I graduated from college we got married and had a son. I am currently a Physical and Health Education teacher. I like all different activities including yoga, jogging, lifting weights, and dancing. For about 3 years I was even a Zumba Fitness instructor.My husband and I have been married since 2013, but before marriage we were together for 6 years. During that time I learned a lot about myself and how to love myself. I am a working wife and mother. I am allergic to wheat, dairy, peanuts, and eggs (although only severely to dairy so I usually ignore the others). I have a thick afro, that my husband refers to as a lions mane. And I am a fan of superheroes, anime, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.  My experiences have made me who I am now. Growing up I had low self-esteem because I had always been overweight. It caused me to do many things, that for a long time I regretted. But I don’t anymore. Now I know who I am and who I want to be.

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30 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m glad to stop by and check out ur blog and wanted to show my support. I think ur blog will appeal to many different ppl and I’m hoping I can learn sum things frm it good luck!


  2. Thank you for following my blog thou it still under construction I strongly feel I will learn a lot from you especially where blog growth is concerned and hope you will from me.
    all the best. XOXO


  3. Thank you for following my blog and I hope you like my content. I also like your picture, you look pretty. It must be awesome to be married for the years!


  4. Hello and thanks for visiting and following my blog! I will enjoy keeping up with yours as well. Best wishes for a happy new year!


  5. Thank you for visiting and following my blog! I’m new to the community, so I’m both excited and nervous. 🙂 I love your blog and am excited to read more from you!
    Happy Saturday!


  6. Nice to meet you, Monique. 🙂 I loved reading your bio, about your experiences and accepting who you are. Keep rocking that beautiful “lion mane.” I’ll be following your journey.


  7. Monique, I LOVE that your husband calls your gorgeous head of hair a lion’s mane. My hubby says I don’t have hair; I have a pelt! And I love your profile, your insight and your desire to learn, learn, learn. Thanks for the blog follow. Like you, I have many interests but my true loves include organic gardening, sewing and reading…and cooking, and writing and horses and…well, you get the picture.

    If you want to grow your own, healthy and tasty food, visit my gardening blog – https://growsoeasyorganic.com – and just search for whatever you want to start with. I love raising my own because, then I know where my fruits and veggies have been, who they’ve been playing with and what they’ve been eating, too. Food is a foundation for health and organic gardening is…so very easy!


  8. Easy peasy. Start with something you LOVE to eat and start small. Enjoy the experience and then just let it go…or grow, as we gardeners like to say, as large as you want it to be! If you have questions or need a resource, just ping and ask. I love sharing gardening ideas, information and friends.


  9. Thanks for following my blog!
    I used to live in North Carolina, several different cities over roughly 20 years. I miss it!
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!


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