This is a list of the anime I’ve watched so far. Some of them have ended while others are continuing series that we watch as new episode are released. My husband and I have made it tradition for us to watch anime during meals, as well as some binge watching. My son as been watching them from the womb. He loves the songs and starts a dance session during the opening and closing songs.  We think he may end up being fluent in Japanese, because of it. I attend Otakon, an Anime convention in Baltimore, each summer I can with my husband. After every years attendance I go on a quest to watch and become knowledgeable of more anime.  I have tried my best to put them in chronological order.

  1. Pokemon- I really shouldn’t count this one because every kid in the 90s watched Pokemon, but we did watch it over again.
  2. Naruto- Our first love. Its the anime that it started all for me, my husband tried to get me into it once, but I was still revoking the inner nerd. Then I finally caught on and it changed me for ever. BELIEVE IT! (even though I hate and never watch anime in English)
  3. Sword Art Online
  4. Bleach- skipped threw the entire visored arch
  5. Samurai Champloo- i realized how much the boondocks was based off this anime
  6. Deathnote (only watched a couple episodes)
  7. Akagi ga Kill
  8. Attack on Titan
  9. One Punch Man (so freakin funny)
  10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  11. Hunter x Hunter
  12. Dragon Ball
  13. Dragon Ball Z
  14. Dragon Ball Z Super
  15. My Hero Academia
  16. Cowboy Bebop
  17. Boruto

These are all the anime that I’ve been watching over the past 3 years, I know I haven’t even started to scratch the surface. But I am ready for the ride. After taking the plunge and watching Naruto and Bleach, am watching a few smaller ones before I dive into catching up on another long running anime. Feel free to leave suggestions on what’s good. I am especially interested in anime with African American influences and that depict black characters.