My Weight-Loss Journey

I’m still on the road to get where I want to be fitness, weight, and overall health wise. Here is my journey from College to Motherhood. I’ve never been happy with my weight or body, but there were times when I was doing better with it. As I look at some of my past photos a meme I’ve posted with the quote “I wish I was as fat as the first time I thought I was fat” comes to mind.  I am in no means an expert and am still learning. I hope we can help each other reach our goals.

This was after college right before I got pregnant. I was about 180.
This was in collage after doing a weight loss challenge. I was about 170lbs.

I was about 8 months pregnant and about 240 pounds, but at the height of my pregnancy I reached 260 lbs.

The photo to the right was taken 2 months after I had my baby, and I was about 230 lbs. The left is 18 month postpartum after over a year of clean eating and working out 1.5-2 hours a day 4-5 days a week, I was 180 lbs.

This is me now at about 200 lbs. My goal is to reach and then surpass my lowest 170 lbs weight and get to a healthy 150.