My Regimen

This is my typical, ideal, natural hair regimen. It may differ a little depending on the season or if I have a protective style. Everybody’s different so what works for me may not be right for you. This is what I do to achieve optimal hair health. See Products I Love for recipes and specifics on what I use in my regimen.


  • Morning- moisturize & seal, style appropriately
  • Night- moisturize & seal, pineapple with satin scarf, cover top puff with plastic cap, and top with a satin bonnet
    • I may moisturize by leaving my hair uncovered in shower, with my DIY leave-in, or just a little conditioner.
    • I typically seal with olive oil, coconut oil, or Shea butter in dry wintry months.


  • Co-wash with a silicone free conditioner & seal with one of the above oils
    • in the summer I may do this multiple times a week with wash & go styles.


  • Hot oil treatment, usually with EVOO
  • Shampoo with sulfate free product
  • Deep condition for at least 30 minutes, add heat if possible
    • During the dry winter months I do this Bi-weekly

Quarterly/Bi-Yearly- Trim dead ends

Every 1-2 Years- straighten for length check