I am a black female that loves all things nerdy and geeky. I am a rare species, but to me geek has always been chic. I pick sci-fi and fantasy over romantic comedy any and everyday. I do not pretend to be an expert as these interest are relatively new in my life. Because I am late in the game my knowledge is based largely on research, especially when it comes to comics, anime, and manga. My areas of interest include superheroes, anime, LOTR (Lord of the Rings), Harry Potter, and Star Wars. Our sons name is Xavier Charles,  after Professor X , and we plan on name all our children after X-men characters. We even had a superhero inspired wedding.  My husband is a gamer, so I get a lot of information by watching him, and interacting with his online friends. My gaming resume is limited to Naruto, Mortal Combat, Pokemon, Mario, a little Grand Theft Auto, and of course fitness games on Wii and PlayStation Move. I am always open to hearing thoughts and opinions of others, so please comment and email to enlighten me on what I have yet to learn.