Weekly Themed Dinners

During the week it gets busy, so if I don’t have a plan for what I’m cooking for dinner we typically end up eating out. Eating out is not good for our bank account or health. Because of this I come up with some themes for each night of the week. I have a few go to meals that we rotate through monthly. This helps me plan of meals for the month and I typically shop for them weekly. Any meals that have lengthy prep like marinating or chopping veggies I can do the night before while preparing lunch. It saves us money and helps me plan healthy meals each night. When we do eat out it is our choice not because I can’t come up with anything. Here are our themed dinners and regular meals that we use for each. These aren’t the only things I cook, but they are my go to meals.

Monday- Basic 3 part meal with veggie, starch, and meat

Tuesday- Pasta or “Mixed” meal  (Jambalaya, spaghetti, chicken pot pie, shrimp and grits)

Wednesday- Tex Mex (Enchiladas, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, fajitas)

Thursday- Asian (Sesame Chicken, Onigiri, Pot Stickers, Pho, Ramen, Lettuce Wraps)

Friday- Fast Food (hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, wings)

Saturday- Sandwich/salad/soup combos.

Sunday- Comfort food or soul food like: roasted or fried chicken, Salisbury steak, fried fish, Pot roast, with mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese and collard greens or green beans.

Weekend Breakfast- Bagels & Cream cheese, something we call “Garbage Bowl”( tater tots topped with american cheese, grits, and sausage), Corned Beef Hash & Eggs, Muffins & sausage or bacon, Pancakes, eggs, & bacon, Cinnamon Rolls & sausage. This is pretty much for my husband and son. I usually make a smoothie or alter it for my diertary needs with a side of fruit.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sundays when I cook I usually don’t “healthify” everything for the rest of the family like a fry the meat and don’t use whole wheat pasta or bread. For me I try to stick to my dietary plan. Even though some of the food I cook for my family isn’t “healthy” I typically cook from scratch within boxed convenience meals. Home cooked with quality ingredients is always better than the heavily processed foods you will get a restaurant.